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The Alchemy Co. was founded to support modern soul-seekers in reconnecting with their inherent spirituality.

The aim is to support you to realign with the moon and stars, to come home to the universe, and yourself.

It was founded out of a desire to share and teach astrology in a way that's simple, beautiful, and relevant to modern life; a way that supports people in navigating contemporary challenges.


Hey, I'm Heather,

My inspiration for creating the Alchemy Co. was to share and teach astrology in a modern and contemporary way. The way that I wished already existed when I was learning! I also wanted to teach the facts in a simple and accessible way to take people straight from learning about their chart, to implementing that knowledge in their lives - without the bits in between!

There’s plenty of opportunities out there to get a reading and have an astrologer interpret your chart and that's a really transformative experience that I really recommend (and offer!) but that’s not what was most transformative and powerful for me when learning astrology. The thing that WAS most powerful was leaning how to do this for myself. It brought a massive sense of really knowing myself and accepting and navigating my life path. That’s why I created a brand of astrology that’s totally focused on SELF discovery. The aim of The Alchemy Company is to empower you to not only read your own chart, but use that knowledge to enhance your life.

The thing that made it CLEAR to me that I should be sharing by passion for astrology is that my chart LITERALLY tells me so! My Sun is in the 6th House, and I have Scorpio and Pluto on the Midheaven and a Pisces North Node. All of these things on their own would tell you that I should be spending my working life helping others explore their spirituality, but together, its even more powerful and apparent!

This kind of soul's purpose reading is the kind that I like best and find most transformative! Who knew there's a map of how best to navigate your ideal life written in the stars!? - Well it's my mission to let people know!

Welcome to a place of solace made for you,

Heather x

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