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I am blown away by how much I have not only learnt about my astrological chart, but about myself as an individual!

What a fantastic course! I had no idea it would be even half as transformational as it was. For anyone who is interested in personal development with a twist, I highly reccomend taking this course!

This course was so insightful and intriguing - Heather really explains each element of the course in depth and takes you on a journey of self-discovery - something I found really thought provoking and nurturing.

I now know, to my core, what my key characteristics are and how to go forward and use them every day as my strengths.

This course has allowed me to really visualise who I want to be and how I want to come across - and, with the take-away exercises, I feel I'm well equipped to make this visualisation a reality!

I found out so much more about myself and all the personality traits were spot on!

A huge THANK YOU to Heather at The Alchemy Co. I feel so focussed and really excited to get stuck in and learn more about astrology!

I feel confident to go forward in life with these new tools I have learned! Thank you Heather!

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