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I'll guide you in demystifying astrology so that it’s current, practical & usable for YOU - with all of the depth, magic, soulfulness & connectivity maintained to its fullest!

It's time to start making your OWN magic... 

This will be a MODERN astrology community.

- It’s about re-connecting. 

- This will be a place to align with the universe, in life AND work. 

- A place to explore a new level of spirituality with other modern soul seekers & stargazers.

- A place to come home to your inner self.

- A place to make practical magic, hone in on your goals & get true clarity on your intentions so you can make them come to pass. 


Time to find your new soul searching, spiritual gang!


Want to deepen your understanding of current astrology but don’t know where to start? Or feel like the reams of information has you overwhelmed? I’ll curate regular top-line info that’s easy to digest and relevant to you with ALL the magic left in! Plus practical advice on how to harness it. A direct line to the cosmos direct to your phone! 


I’m all about astrology that brings us back down to earth. Astrology is connecting with nature - it shouldn’t be complicated - it’s the most ancient means of finding spiritual connection! 


What’s it all about? 


This isn’t pop astrology like reading a horoscope in a magazine - it’s not about being told what’s going to  happen TO you this month. This is about learning how to HARNESS the cosmic energies to MAKE good stuff happen in a way that feels EASY. 


It’s about learning to hone your OWN magic! 


Humans have connected to the cosmos in this way for millennia, but in our modern world we’ve lost touch with our OWN power to harness this potential. In fact, a lot of us have lost touch with our own power altogether. 


By reconnecting with astrology I truly believe that we come home not only to this power, but to our connection to oneness, AND to a deep ancestral wisdom. 


We start to see magic where we didn’t expect it. We start to realise the power we have to manifest our goals. We whisper our wishes to the moon and, in turn, it supports us with reminders to make those wishes a reality. We truly listen to nature, and it listens to us. 


The type of astrology I practice is based on evolutionary astrology: the use of astrology as a tool for personal development and attaining your goals. 


This is down-to-earth advice on how to tune in to current cosmic ‘weather’ for transformation, goal setting, and practical manifesting - ALL THE GOOD STUFF. 


It’s about setting your goals and making them come to pass in a way that feels aligned; soulful; connected; divine; spiritual and magical! And it’s the best kind of MAGIC. Real, practical magic that gives you that spine-tingling awe-inspired feeling, AND really works!  


We can use astrology as a practical framework, OR as a means of spiritual connection. Or both! To me personally, connecting with astrology in this way is a practical way of bringing some soul into my everyday life. But, it's also a deeply spiritual belief system. It can be whatever YOU need right now.  


If you want to go next-level and take it deep, consider this: ever look up at the stars & moon and feel both tiny and insignificant, but at the same time feel like you can do ANYTHING because you’re part of the WHOLE universe? This is about getting in touch with that connection. It's about getting our tiny cogs turning in tandem with the huge cogs of planetary movements. When we mirror the energies of the planetary transits things feel easy, divined, aligned. What’s more, I truly believe that those little cogs we turn have a knock on effect and make those bigger cogs turn more smoothly. We can start to see how our seemingly small actions filter outwards and make the universe a better place. 


And if that’s too ‘woo woo’ for you right now. No problem AT ALL. This is about connecting in a way that feels aligned for YOU. The universe will always meet you where you are at. 


So astrology is always changing?


Yes! The astrological ‘whether forecast’ changes constantly and if you're a beginner it can be hard to keep track and know what everything means. Astrological transits impact us on different levels, to greater or lesser extents, and for different amounts of time. It’s also hard to know what’s important. Which transit is a ‘passing shower’ and which is a long term ‘monsoon season’? AND how they'll truly affect us (spoiler alert: horoscopes in magazines are SUPER general and there's SO much more to it than just your zodiac sign!)


To continue the weather analogy, an unexpected rain shower can ruin your day if you’ve left your raincoat at home, OR be a total breeze if you’ve packed your wellies. And an astrological transit you're not aware of can have a similar affect. My aim is to offer you a raincoat and umbrella ☔️ to help you navigate the changing astrological weather and harness it to your upmost advantage!



What’s included?


This is your everyday direct link to the cosmos through your phone.


Fancy having an astrologer in your pocket? (That’s me 👋 )

With my sun in the sixth house I understand the importance of routine and everyday pressures. Especially in our modern lifestyles. But with my Mars conjunct north node in Pisces and Pluto conjunct midheaven in Scorpio I am here to spread the magic of astrology in a modern practical way. 💫📋✨ 


Want to know what the hell I just said? 🤣 Join the community and align to the wisdom of the cosmos in a way that’s magical, modern, current, and resonates with our modern lifestyles. 


The membership will look something like this: 


• A feed in your pocket of twice weekly updates on the current astrological goings on in a way you can understand & put to practical use in your life. 


• A Cosmic Convo group of other stargazers on telegram (like WhatsApp) where you can ask me questions, we chat freely, and we’ll also hold a monthly discussion meeting on different astro topics.


• Regular Cosmic Coven meetings on zoom with me where we discuss the upcoming New Moon, Full Moon, Sun Sign, astrological transits and themes for that month and how to put them to practical use. 

Overtime these calls might evolve to also take the form of astrology 101s, chart reading classes, storytellings of the astrology myths, group meditations, or group moon rituals - I’ll ask you to vote on the topics so YOU choose what you want from the membership. 


• Live chats on Telegram where you’re invited to jump in for discussions at set times, or can easily catch up later if you can't make it.


• The opportunity to ‘up-level’ your membership and have regular 1-1s with me via a personal Telegram chat OR 1-1 zoom coaching to explore what current transits mean for you personally according to your unique astrological chart; tune into moon phases for manifesting; or even learn astrology for yourself. 


How much will it be? 


I want to make this super affordable and accessible because I’m passionate that we should ALL get back in touch with our spiritual power and ancestral wisdom!


Right now I am thinking between £7 - £12 for the basic level membership which will provide lots of juicy info and value. 


There will be  different levels of membership to maximize the value, whatever your budget, and founding members will get a discounted rate forever. 


I’ll be sharing that exclusive discount with those people on the waiting list. If you’d like to sign up and be kept up to date as I put the membership together, drop your name below & I’ll keep you in the loop :)

Tell me more!

Get your name on the list to secure your place, stay up to date, and get discounted founding-member access.

You're on the list! I can't wait to welcome you!

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