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No More Monotony - it's time for magic

The next round of Cycle Magic starts on the 6th September 2021.


This course is full of practical magic to harness nature's cycles so that you can feel aligned with yourself, and with the universe, and live & work in flow!


Want to foster a deeper connection with the moon, and with yourself?

Want to realign with your feminine power and fully harness your potential for productivity, happiness, health, and manifestation?

Want to run your work, life and business with nature’s cycles? Want to feel aligned, productive and in flow?



Cycle Magic is a mixture of a course - where you’ll learn new info - and a group coaching programme - where I’ll hold your hand while you implement that info. It’s full of practical magic to harness the power of the Luna cycle and/or your hormone cycle in a straightforward, down-to-earth, yet uber transformative way.


  • You’re interested in working with moon cycles, or your menstrual cycle, or both, but are confused as to how they fit together and are yet to find a practical way to track and harness both energies.

  • You’re obsessed with the moon, feel her calling you and want to deepen your connection with her and live in a way that’s guided by her phases.

  • You’re sick of the constant grind and want to work in a way that honours the ebbs and flows of life and of your personal cycle so that you’re actually MORE productive.

  • You left the 9-5 to start off on your own but you’re lacking in routine, finding it hard to let go of the old ‘employed life’ habits, and are ready to level up your day-to-day and curate the worklife of your dreams!

  • You are nearing burn out, post-burnout, or concerned about modern life leading you to burnout, and want to learn how to balance being productive with embracing rest.

  • You feel at the mercy of your hormone cycle and want to learn to work with your hormones rather than against them.

  • You feel out of touch with nature and want to reconnect with something greater than yourself and feel HELD by the universe.

  • You feel out of touch with yourself and you body and want to reconnect with your own feminine power

  • You’ve been working with your cycle and are now perimenopausal, post-menopausal, pregnant, or have an irregular cycle for any reason and want to work with the moon instead.  

  • You want to connect with a group of amazing & like-minded people who are ready to embrace the power of cyclical living.

  • You want to learn more about manifesting with the moon and how to put it into practice to make your dreams a reality. 

  • You’re ready to uplevel your health, happiness, productivity, and more, with practical yet transformative MAGIC!

Does any of this sound like you?

Then you're in the right place...

Then this is for you!

kind words about my past courses

This course was so insightful and intriguing - Heather really explains each element of the course in depth and takes you on a journey of self-discovery - something I found really thought provoking and nurturing.

This learning was literally magic to me and I'm so excited to share it with you.

It up-levelled my productivity, mindset, health and happiness and helped me embrace a whole new FEMININE way of living.


The world is built for men, even down to the 9-5 working patterns that society takes to be 'the norm'. We all know that many women have a natural monthly cycle. But did you know that men have a daily hormone cycle? Men work best in the morning, reasonably well in the afternoon, and their energy levels drop in the evening. It's almost as if that 9am-5pm working pattern was made for men! Oh wait, it was!


The working day was set up by men, for men, at a time when it was almost exclusively men who carried out corporate jobs.

In the workplace there's not often any talk of 'clocking off' at the time of the month when women's minds, bodies, and health could really benefit from doing so. And schools don't educate us about women's hormone cycles in terms of how they affect our productivity or our health. With all of this in mind it's no wonder that women all too often push through when we could benefit from 'clocking off' - because modern society isn't built in a way that factors in a woman's natural cycles. 


But, it wasn't always like this.


Our female ancestors recognised the importance of following the movement of the moon and their natural cycles. In fact, they often bled with the moon, and in-sync with each other. Collectively, they retreated and rested when they needed to so that bleeding, rather than being a burden, was sacred.


And now, something exciting is brewing… slowly the world is waking back up to the magic of realigning with our natural cycles and the power that it brings. Want to join the women who are paving the way? Want to step back into your feminine magic?

kind words about my courses

What a fantastic course! I had no idea it would be even half as transformational as it was. For anyone who is interested in personal development with a twist, I highly reccomend taking this course!

  • A lunar cycle plus menstrual cycle tracking calendar for this month and next, plus a template so you can continue tracking future months. 

  • Weekly worksheets of ‘magic work’ (the best kind of homework) which come together to make the Cycle Magic workbook - full of exercises which you can repeat with each moon cycle.

  • Exclusive New Moon and Full Moon ritual ceremonies via video.

  • Discussion circles and group coaching calls. 

  • Twice-weekly course videos from me explaining: 

    • The 4 energies of each of the 4 lunar phases and how these relate to menstrual cycles. Plus, how we can harness these energies in our lives, work & businesses.

    • Manifesting with the Moon in 1 month / 6 month cycles.

    • Natal moon signs, how to find our yours, what they mean for our energies and how we can track them. 

    • Male cycles vs female hormone cycles and how they differ - with an astrological twist.

    • How the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle relate to the 4 phases of the luna cycle, how to harness them both and the history around why they’re still magical, even if they don’t align.


Because I want to provide really intensive support the course materials are delivered via WhatsApp so you get my daily support in your pocket. This includes; luna insights, astro updates, affirmations, and voice notes direct so you feel fully supported, aligned and high-vibe everyday.


We’ll have a separate whatsapp ‘discussion circle’ group so you can connect when you want to and tune out when you need to without missing out on content. I’ll jump in for set discussion times and topics within this circle and because it’s on whatsapp you can catch up with the discussion at any time. There’ll also be the option to stay in the group after the 4 weeks are over, to stay connected with everyone on the programme.

The next round of Cycle Magic begins on the 6th September, just ahead of the New Moon. Book Now to secure your space.

As we pass through each Moon phase we'll explore that current 'cycle season' and it's corresponding phase of the menstrual cycle. This will include the ideals tasks to do at these times in order to harness the energies and live & work in flow! 


  • To begin, I’ll share my personal technique to track and harness cycle energies. This includes tracking your hormonal cycle AND the moon cycle simultaneously. You'll recieve your tracker template for the month so that you can get started making magic right away! 

  • We’ll harness the Yin phase with a ritual-building workshop for the New Moon so that you can learn all about creating your own personal rituals to honor this introspective moon-phase. This will be pre-recorded so you can carry it out in your own time at your own pace, as a sacred self-care practice. 

  • You'll recieve your first week’s videos and ‘magic work’.

  • I’ll share my astrological New Moon insights for this Moon specifically.

  • I’ll share my favourite resources for cycle tracking and moon phase tracking and my ‘further reading’ list of resources apps & guides.

  • We’ll hold a discussion board session on this very topic via whatsapp.  


  • A group zoom call (optional) where we’ll introduce ourselves and share our intentions for the course and this New Moon to keep ourselves accountable.

  • Your second week’s videos and ‘magic work’.

  • Daily astro updates and practical tips to harness the energies of this lunar phase.   

  • Our second discussion group.


  • A LIVE Full Moon ceremony video call where we’ll gather as a group to make magic, release those limiting beliefs, and carry out an uplifting, affirming & empowering, gratitude ritual.  

  • I’ll share my astrological Full Moon insights for this Moon specifically.

  • Your third week’s videos and ‘magic work’.

  • Daily astro updates and practical tips to harness the energies of this lunar phase. 

  • A live Q&A with me in the discussion group.


  • Your fourth week’s videos and ‘magic work’.

  • Daily astro updates and practical tips to harness the energies of this lunar phase. 

  • A discussion group about how to build this transformative learning into your life going forward. 

  •  An (optional) group celebration call on zoom where we’ll reflect, share our intentions for taking our learning forward, and solidify our habits into positive daily/monthly moon rituals.

So, to re-cap on what’s included, that’s: 

  • Regular support and astrological insights direct from me covering the moon phase, sign, planetary positions & moods and how best to navigate them. 

  • Full Moon and New Moon ceremonies via video.

  • Full insight into my personal Cycle Magic Method for tracking & working with a cycle, or moon & menstrual cycles in the optimal way.

  • 8 x video trainings from me.

  • Tracking templates to plan out your months according to the moon phases AND your personal hormone cycle if you have one.

  • Weekly discussion groups with a supportive, high-vibe community via whatsapp.

  • 2 x group coaching calls.

  • Weekly ‘magic-work’ homework with ritual templates you can use for each moon phase and take with you to repeat monthly after the course. 

  • An exclusive whatsapp group & facebook group community.

  • Exclusive discount on readings with me & exclusive access to my brand new ‘Align’ membership.

  • Plus there’ll be some exciting added bonuses along the way too!



What's Included?

Week by week:

To Re-cap -

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Wanna start making magic?

Want to uplevel your experience?

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I’m so excited to share this learning with you! 

feedback from my past courses

This course has allowed me to really visualise who I want to be - and, with the take-away exercises, I feel I'm well equipped to make this visualisation a reality! I feel confident to go forward in life with these new tools I have learned! Thank you Heather!



What if my cycle doesn’t match up with the moon? 

Then I’ve made this course FOR YOU! Women don't need another box to fit into - a new pressure to put ourselves and our bodies under - we 100% should not feel pressure to bleed with the moon! There’s increasing amounts being written about hormone cycles, and quite a lot about luna cycles, but, having been interested in both these topics for years I’ve found pretty much nothing about how they fit together. This lack of information is making many women imagine that these cycles should work concurrently and that there’s something wrong with them if they don’t bleed with the moon! I made this course to dispel that idea AND to support women in harnessing the power of BOTH these cycles using my method for tracking them simultaneously. It’s ok if we have two concurrent cycles. There’s magic in that because it creates balance and, most importantly it’s natural. The point is to notice and experience all of nature’s cycles. Not to wish to change them. 


Do I need to already be tracking my cycle? 

No, we’ll be going through this in the course. However, if you don’t already track your cycle I fully recommend you start now whether it’s natural or not, or regular or not. Tracking is the first step in getting to know the ebbs and flows of your energies. 


What if I don’t bleed or don’t have a natural monthly cycle? 

This course is still most definitely for you. 

It’s for you if you are: a person who doesn’t bleed, has never bled, have experienced, or are starting to experience the menopause, are on hormonal contraceptives (so don’t have a natural monthly hormone cycle), identify as male, trans or non-binary, are pregnant, has an irregular cycle, or has a natural cycle as regular as clockwork. Whatever your situation, or choice (eg. to use or not use hormonal contraception) you are welcome here.


This course is about connecting to nature's cycles, whether that's the lunar cycle, your hormone cycle, or both. It’s likely that the majority of people on the programme will be women, simply because most of my clients are women, but everyone is very welcome. Sections of the course and the discussions will be about menstruation and the menstrual cycle and we’ll be applying that learning to the course as a whole, but the vast majority will be about cycles in general in relation to the ‘seasons’ that we may experience both in the lunar cycle, the cycle of the year, and where, applicable the menstrual cycle. There will be group discussion topics which will cover menstruation but you would still get loads out of the programme if you were to skip these discussions.


I would also say that even if the info about menstruation doesn’t apply to you personally it's an excellent opportunity to learn this information and share it with the people in your life who do have a monthly hormone cycle! Spread the word and share your learning with your children, friends, relatives, partner, colleagues or any other people in your life who may benefit! 


I’ve got a full time job. How can I plan around cycles? 

If you’re in employment you might find there’s less flexibility when it comes to planning tasks around your cycle, or the moon cycle. However, tracking these cycles and understanding them means you can plan ahead and honour your energies rather than tuning out from them. This in itself is a massive part of working with cycles. If you're aware of how you might be feeling in advance then, no, you may not be able to get out of a big meeting, but you’ll be able to plan some self-care afterwards rather than feeling you should drag yourself along to the pub afterwards! And, next time someone asks when you’re free to meet with them you’ll know the exact time of the month when you’ll be on top form when it comes to socialising. 


Do I need to know about, or believe in astrology?

No, not at all. Working with the moon is a type of astrology in itself, but if that’s where your interest in astrology ends that’s no problem. This is for anyone from beginner level to people who know their whole chart back-to-front. You don’t need to believe in astrology either but we will be touching on it in parts of the course. 

Are there bursary places?

Yes! I’m passionate about enabling everyone to access this magical and transformative learning. This course has 1 ‘pay what you can’ bursary place, for someone receipt of benefits. This place is topped up by me but the ‘pay it forward’ scheme means that there may be more than one of these places available. Bursary places are ‘pay what you can’, rather than being completely free, because it’s still important that you make an investment in yourself, in order to get true value from the programme. If you’re black, a person of colour, or a person who identifies as LGBTQ+ you’ll get priority access to this place. Just contact me to apply, or find out more - it will be totally confidential.


Please help by spreading the word about these places! 


What's the 'Pay it forward scheme'?  

If you’d like to spread the love and fund/ part-fund an extra bursary place on this course to help another lunar-lover harness the magic of the moon/their cycle please contact me for details.


Why are we using Whatsapp and how will it work?

Ever done a course and thought - ‘I could’ve got a lot more out of it IF…’? For me, that ‘if’ is always, ‘if I checked in with it daily and engaged with it more fully’. I want to make sure you don’t experience that ‘if’! I want to offer you daily reminders to align with the moon and nature’s cycles, daily support in your pocket and an active community that it’s easy to engage with too. At the same time, because this programme is all about balance and honoring your Yin (introverted) phases, AND being productive, there will be reminders throughout to tune out when it serves you and the discussion group will be separate from the course-work group so that it's easy to turn off those notifications and get down to work, or rest, when you want to! If you’d really rather not use whatsapp on your phone I’ll explain  how you can use it on your computer’s web browser and take the course as you would if it were taking place inside a facebook group. 


When will everything take place? 

Live calls and discussion groups will take place in the evenings, probably at 8pm, depending upon everyone's availability. All calls will be recorded in case you can’t make it. Coursework and daily updates will be delivered to you in the morning. You can complete the coursework whenever works best for you! 


Got more questions? Get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

Ready to secure your place?

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