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Ascendant Academy - Rising Sign e-book

Ascendant Academy - Rising Sign e-book

How do you feel about your Ascendant, (also known as your Rising Sign) currently?


Getting to know your Ascendant sign is a truly transformative means of self-discovery and a beautiful exercise in self-acceptance! It can tell us so much about our personalities, help us to work on our shadow selves (those parts of us we may not want to aknowledge, or have lost touch with), and even give us an insight into other people’s image of us!


It holds the key to our journey into maturity and the personas we may shed in order to get there.



Have you ever...


- Struggled to fully identify with your Sun sign and wondered why?


- Wanted to better understand your inner child and what they’re seeking?


- Wondered why some people seem to see the world through a completely different lens to you?


- Struggled with making a good first impression? Or even struggled to figure out the kind of first impression you make at all?


- Had people tell you that your persona seemed completely different when they first met you, compared to your personality once they’ve gotten to know you?


- Wondered why your dress sense and physical characteristics don’t match up with what you’ve read about your Sun sign?


- Wanted to unlock unique talents that you have lost touch with?  


- OR, even just wanted to know what an ASCENDANT /Rising sign actually IS!?


Then this is for you!


This course takes the format of a 40 page downloadable workbook and takes around 4 to 5 hours to complete, or more if you would like. You will have lifetime access to the file (in pdf format) meaning you can revisit the exercises whenever you need to in future.


The course supports you throughout your journey and comes with an optional, accountability email, where you are welcome to get in touch to share your thoughts and findings, and take the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. I'll  respond with all the answers you need as well as suggestions for the next steps you might like to take in getting to know your chart, and yourself! 


    All you need to complete our courses is:

    - access to a phone/tablet/laptop

    - a notebook and pen

    - a quiet space for some ‘me time’ 


    You may also like:

    - to print out the workbook (otherwise you can copy your answers into a notebook or word document) 

    - your favourite drink, snack, calming music, or crystals! 


    Please be aware that you will need to know your time and place of birth for this course. If you don’t know your exact birth time you can contact a chart rectification astrologer who will be able to make an educated guess for you.


    Our courses require introspection and drawing upon past events, they invite you to work on positive thinking, reframing and reflection. They are in no way intended as a substitute for treatment or consultation with a mental health professional.

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