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Welcome to an Astrology School like no other

We combine trusted self-development techniques with chart readings, and astrology teaching, to empower you to not only learn about your stars, but use your newfound knowledge to uncover your life purpose, and step into your inherent power. Like the mystics of old, we call this magical process of spiritual-transformation ‘Alchemy’.

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Learn to Distill Your Zodiac Magic, and Create Your Personal Gold

Like Alchemists working with chemical substances, we help you distill the zodiac into its distinct essences, extracting complex astrology concepts to share with you the formula for your individual astrological chart. Then, once you've disciphered the elements of your unique cosmos, we'll share with you the recipe for our soulful self-coaching techniques which you can use on an on-going basis to empower you to manifest golden opportunities, and alchemise your most abundant life.

"We know what we are, but know not what we may be"

William Shakespeare


Welcome to a Sacred Space, Designed For You

We are a place of soulful solace designed for you, whatever your level of experience. Whether you are a modern mystic, millennial moon child, contemporary stargazer, experienced white witch, or, a soul-seeking beginner, our unique blend of practical astrology and tried-and-tested self-development will support you to travel deeper on your spiritual journey.

I am blown away by how much I have not only learnt about my astrological chart, but about myself as an individual!



We will ALWAYS donate 5% of our profits to a different charity each quarter.

Alchemy is the practice of creating literal and spiritual ‘gold’ (more on this below) but historically, only the richest members of society could afford to spend the time and money required to practice it. We want to change this, spread the wealth and share the gold! You can stay up to date with which charities we support on our instagram page.


We want to reimagine the ‘Co.’ historically associated with 'business' corporations, and build a Co.llaborative, transparent, and fair Co.llective. A intuitive, flexible Co.mmunity. One that serves YOU.

In this way, our Co. stands for company, yes, but only as in: ‘you are in good Company.’


We want to create a product that has the largest impact with the smallest possible carbon footprint. And, in true minimalist style we believe that more material possessions do not necessarily mean more happiness. So, although all of our courses can be printed and completed by hand, they can just as easily be enjoyed on a computer, tablet or smartphone.


Our courses are for EVERYONE and it's our hope that as many people as possible can experience positive change through working with us. After all, the more soul-aligned, spiritually evolving people there are in the world the better place the world is going to be for everyone!


You can always rest assured that everything we write, sell, or post on social media is created by us and us only. We take every photograph, put together every sentence, and credit every philosophical quotation. We believe that this is as it should be; art is sacred, in whatever form it takes.


We believe in supporting other small businesses who share similar ethics and spiritual goals to ours. We love to collaborate with brands that we value, especially, female-led and non-binary led companies. If you are a company who would like to work with us please Contact Us.

'As good as gold... and better.' - Charles Dickens




Astrology is art, it's science, and it's magic.

It's also a part of history. For some it's the equivalent of a religious practice, and for many it's a a means of connecting deeply with nature...


Humans around the world have studied astrology for thousands of years. Archeological artefacts show that it dates back as far as the ancient Babylonians, Egyptians and Greeks. Astrology is mentioned in many ancient texts and religious writings. One such example is the Bible - one interpretation of the Christmas story is that the three 'Wise Men' - who predicted Jesus' birth, followed the Star, and brought gifts of healing herbs - were themselves astrologers.


Astrology recognises the exact location of the planets and constellations in the sky, at any precise moment. This location is undeniable fact. Astronomers also study these planetary placements. Astrological charts (like your birth chart) are maps of these exact planetary locations.


There is an art to interpreting these planetary placements and, just like artists, each astrologist will paint a slightly different picture of a person when looking at their chart. This is similar to the way in which two musicians might play the same piece of music. Each will put their own unique spin on it. The metaphor we most like to use here at The Alchemy Co. is that two readers might read the same novel, and there will be facts that are simply undeniable (like the characters names or facts about the story) but there will also be meaning that the first reader might find in their interpretation that the other may not, and vice versa. This is the reason why, as well as offering readings, we are passionate about empowering YOU to read your chart so that you can find YOUR own meaning in it.


Those of us who believe in astrology believe that the placements of the planets, stars and constellations affect us down here on earth. No one knows how or why, but not knowing how it works is what makes it magic! We believe humans can use the planets' placements to predict changes that will happen, and use this knowledge to better navigate our lives. We believe that the placements of the planets at our time of birth give rise to ceratin personality traits and predispositions, and, we also believe - the part we focus on most here at The Alchemy Co. - that our birth chart is a map which gves us clues as to how to best navigate our lives. Which careers suit us best, which personalities we are most compatitble with, and what our life's learning will be. Here at the Alchemy Co. we not only show you how to read this map, by teaching you to read your astrological chart, we also, unlike most astrology schools, help you as you navigate your journey. Want to know more? Read Our Story. Or, take the first step now and Start Your Journey.



Creating Your Gold - The Essence of Alchemy

The historical writings of Alchemists of old date back as far as Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. For centuries Alchemists foretold of a prophesied mystical process in which base metals could be magically transmuted into gold. Ingrained in this chemical process was an equivalent spiritual one which used the elemental and chemical transformations as metaphors for the evolution of the spirit as it journeyed towards enlightenment. They called both of these processes 'Alchemy'.

Spiritual Alchemy was akin to the process of spiritual enlightenment which modern yogis and meditation gurus aspire to attain today, with the seven stages of spiritual alchemy mirroring the seven chakras. Alchemists often also practiced astrology and psychology and wove these practices into their spiritual-development. Once such Alchemist was ‘Hermes Trismegistus’ whose 7 principles of self-mastery written in the 1st century AD form the backbone of today’s popular ‘Law of Attraction’. 

Enthralled by the mysticism of ancient Alchemy we wanted to distill the essence of this artform to inspire today’s generation of modern mystics. Our courses, chart readings and coaching programmes support you in creating your own personal Alchemy. We support you to use a concoction of astrology, self-development, the Law of Attraction and psychology as catalysts for your own spiritual transformation; so you too can create your ‘Gold.’

'As above so below, as within so without'

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